Hotel PunyaLakshmi is situated on the banks of the River Hooghly,48 km south of Calcutta now called Kolkata City..
It is located at the point where the Ganges River turns south towards the Bay of Bengal. The Name Diamond Harbour was Named by the British. The old Name was Hajipur. There is a fort near our Hotel location, alleged to date back to the Portuguese pirates. An old Military Base is in the vicinity of around 10 minutes away from Punya Lakshmi. The Fish trading Nagendra Bazaar is the second largest Fish market in the World. Diamond Harbour can be reached by train, bus or private transportation from Kolkata which is hardly 2 hour drive. Train services from Sealdah and Ballygunge get you to Diamond Harbour. Punya Lakshmi is so close to Diamond Harbour station which is approx three to five minutes away.